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Well, I'll be going on hiatus for Winter Break starting tomorrow, all 11 people who watch this LJ.  Mainly because I'll be home and will be leaving my computer at college, so I won't be able to do any recording.  However, writing will continue through the break, and so the plan is that by sometime in mid-January (Probably around January 16th or so) I'll be able to jump right back onto the mic (that sounded incredibly homosexual, didn't it?  Oh well) by then.

By the way, the next J-Quips, while we're on the subject will be a big one-- the relatively new and incredibly popular story of an amoral pretty boy who kills people with a notebook while another pretty boy chases him down for entirely heterosexual purposes: Death Note.  
So, unless the thought of this buttsecks fandom getting some flack is blasphemous to you, it's something to look forward to (my own unfunniness aside)!

And on the subject of the future, here's a question for those at home-- what series would you like to see quipped?  Bear in mind that the series must be:

A) Fairly easy for most people to buy, i.e.; you can find it at Best Buy or FYE, not in a random bargain bin at some hole-in-the-wall used movie store, or...

B) Fairly easy to find on the internet, or regularly fansubbed

All suggestions will be taken into consideration, but any sort of consensus will make the chosen series more likely to be quipped than another.

Happy Quipping, and Merry Christmas!

(Promptly beaten senseless by the ACLU)

I mean... Happy Holidays! 

Next J-Quips: Mai-HiME

 Hmm... I'm uncertain of what to think that there's been no feedback for the NGE J-Quips.  I have no idea if they're no good, if people like them but aren't bothering to respond, or if tracking down Eva episodes is frustrating.  

So, I'm going to forge ahead under the assumption that the last one was at least not terrible.

The next J-Quips is underway right now; this time it's the Charlie's Angel's-esque magical girl show, Mai-HiME.

So get your first volume of Mai-HiME ready for Episodes 1 and 2 coming on Wednesday, December 12 at noon!

J-Quips NGE 1&2 Now Available!

Well, here it is-- the first official J-Quips!

 Well, I've been feeling a lot better of late, and as such recording has begun in earnest.  The first-ever J-Quips should be available by Wednesday, December 5th, so get ready for "Neon Genesis Evangelion" episodes 1 and 2 and have that DVD (or illegally downloaded episodes) rarin' to go!

On that note, I wanted to announce that due to the issues involved with preparing a J-Quips they'll probably only come out every 2 weeks, but there will be another J-Quips release during the week of the 11th, as I won't be able to get to a computer during the winter break.  I'll be working on writing all the while, though.

Good Quipping, and we'll see you on December 5th for what will (hopefully) be a good time!

Nov. 30th, 2007

 Hello everyone, and welcome to the launch of J-Quips!

I'm your mod AND commentator, BebopSamurai.  Well, I'm currently incapacitated with a rather persistent case of laryngitis, so this isn't ready as quickly as I'd like it to be.  But hey, that just leaves more time to get the kinks out of the audio tracks, re-watch the episodes to squeeze every last joke out of them, and make sure that everything works fine.  I'd like, if nothing else, to make a good impression on anyone who's decided this might possibly be amusing ^_^

Well, I guess I should toss you a bone while I'm at it-- the first J-Quips has been chosen already, and it's Anno Hideaki's loud, confusing sci-fi epic, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

So track down the 1st volume of either the old or the Renewal editions (or you COULD just download them, not that I'm encouraging you towards criminal activity...>_>) and get ready for the deep hurting of Episodes 1 and 2 of NGE, coming at you (hopefully) by December 11-13!

Happy Quipping, everyone!